Our Coffee

We are always looking to find unique coffees from all around the world as we build relationships with different importers and producers. On this page, we highlight the specific coffees and producers that we have here at Flying Kite.

Colombia Nariño

Our first release comes to you from La Union, Nariño in the southwest region of Colombia. It is a Fair Trade Organic Certified coffee. 

By serving you this coffee we are partnering with the great work being done by FUDAM (Fundación Agraria y Ambiental Para el Desarrollo Sostentible) in Nariño, Colombia. 

When FUDAM was founded in the year 2000, it had only seven members—smallholder producers who shared a vision of working in concert with their environment and community to grow and support a culture of sustainable agriculture. Today the association has more than 300 cafeteros who have achieved both FTO and Rainforest Alliance/UTZ certification, thanks to their ongoing dedication to using conservationist methodology, creating natural inputs, and honoring the land where they live and work. 


One of the ways FUDAM is continuing this sustainability movement isn’t found in the soil, but rather in the members themselves: The association has a strong focus on engaging young members to not only continue in coffee farming, but to continue to seek innovations that will help the whole community grow. 

In addition to encouraging the next generation, FUDAM leaders are also devoted to lifting up the women members: As a result, the association has created the Manos de Mujeres mark to use on coffees grown by women farm owners. Through this mark, the association already guarantees that the women make a fair price for their yield.

  (Picture and Content Credit: Cafe Imports)


Peru Cajamarca

Our second release comes to you from Cajamarca in the northwest region of Peru. It is a Fair Trade Organic Certified coffee. 


We are excited to be serving you coffee coming from Lima Coffees, specifically from coffee producer, Rony Lavan.

Rony Lavan is an ambitious and quality-driven cupper who has spent his career trying to carve out better and bolder coffees from small producers in Peru. While the country is emerging as a specialty market after many years of focusing on bigger lots and certifications, Rony's passion is with identifying and developing the top scores and the best cups. Green-coffee buyer Piero Cristiani met Rony before Piero was buying coffee for Cafe Imports, and the two have not only stayed professionally connected all these years, but they have also become great friends.


As president of the Lima Coffees exporting organization, Rony has already established himself as standing at the fore of microlot-quality coffees in Cajamarca. His first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition and won; with the introduction of the Cup of Excellence competition to Peru in 2017, the country is poised to enter the international spotlight for its finest offerings. Rony and his coffees will be the ones to watch.


(Picture and Content Credit: Cafe Imports)


“Night Flight” - Sumatra Special Release Dark Roast

Our latest release comes to you from the Indonesian island of Sumatra just south of the Malaysian border. 

Coop Buana Mandiri is located in Bener Meriah a sub-district of the Gayo Highland, Aceh region. The coop has approximately 1300 small holder members that produce approximately 1,000 MT of organic green coffee each year.

In The Cup:

"Tangy acidity with savory coffee cherry and cocoa flavors and an herbaceous aftertaste."