About Us

Our Story

Coffee has always been a big part of our family’s life. In the middle of the pandemic in 2020, when everything seemed to be shutting down, we decided to share the passion for a good cup of coffee and for making connections with, and serving our community. So we started our subscription service and began delivering freshly roasted specialty coffee right to people’s doors.  

Our Mission

Flying Kite Coffee exists to provide high-quality coffee that values relationships over profits.

We strive to be a welcoming, accepting, and inviting business where people feel seen and valued at all levels of the coffee process.  From the farmers who grow the beans, to the workers who pick and process them, to the importers, to our roasters, and to all of our customers.  We believe that everyone deserves a good cup of coffee. 

That is why we are also committed to donating a percentage of our annual revenue to charities and non-profit organizations who do amazing work locally and nationally.

Why 'Flying Kite'?

We wanted something that would capture the essence and joy of childhood. We have a toddler and the dream is for Flying Kite to be something that our kids can grow into. We also wanted a symbol that would remind us of warm summer days on the beach when a nice breeze brushes past your face. We love the freedom that a kite represents and the idea that we can all be connected to something higher than ourselves. 

Here at Flying Kite Coffee, we believe that we all benefit when we take a moment to realize just how connected we really are.

Each sip connecting you to the country that it came from. 
Each bag giving back to our community. 
Each person in the process from farm to cup being valued.

Whether you are just trying to get through your day, fuel your passion, or catch up with a friend, let's drink good coffee and do great things together.